This Draft contains the Broadchurch Contextual Analysis Study

Week 3 Draft


Work for week 4 draft

Throughout this week, I have been given the opportunity to take the Myers Briggs Personality test. The Myers Briggs personality test is a question based test that strives to select one of 16 personalities that best describes the individual taking the test. I am extremely interested to take this test myself, as most personality tests seem to have fewer, less specific options.

My Results:
After answering a variety of different questions, ranking each answer on a scale from agree to disagree, I got a breakdown of my results:

I am a Campaigner. My personality type is ENFP – T. To evaluate my findings further, I will be reflecting upon some of the results I have received and thinking about what they suggest about my personality. I am really excited to have the opportunity to be able to delve deeper into myself. I hope that this experience will actually help to enrich and further my own personal growth, and help me to think about myself and my own personality.

Extraverted rather than introverted:
I completely agree with this point. I do feel as if I am an extremely extroverted person, I find it really easy to integrate into groups and involve myself in activities. I really enjoy putting myself out there into new and intriguing situations.

Feeling rather than thinking:
Again, I really agree with this point. I personally believe that this is a very negative trait about myself. I often find myself thinking with my heart rather than my head, and this can get me into some difficult situations that could be avoided. Reflecting upon myself, I do believe this is something I want to work on throughout this year, trying to find a way to think with my head as well as my heart.

Turbulent rather than assertive:
This is the one point that I do feel as if I don’t relate to as significantly. My results suggests that I am 88 percent turbulent. Although I do understand that I do struggle with my feelings and emotions changing quickly, I don’t think I am too turbulent. Maybe this is something that I really didn’t realise. This result is allowing me reflect upon myself as a person which is really interesting.

To conclude, the is how the Myers Briggs official website sums up my personality type. Although I do disagree with some of the points, for example i do not believe that I am an idealist, this summary does sum me up quite well.