Throughout the last few weeks I have been talking about the social media feedback that I have gotten from the social media accounts. This has been a really informative and interesting process, and feel really accomplished and blessed to have had the experience. I am still posting different things on the socials media accounts, and so I thought I would add anything else that I hadn’t talked about onto this post.



Instagram has been. in my opinion, my most successful social media site. I currently have 136 followers and 11 posts.

I continued to post other Film related posts on my Instagram, so I thought I would look through and analyse any comments and feedback that I have received:

Whilst helping fellow creator Rhiana to film her short film, we decided to take a group photo, not only to document the day but to save the memory of the incredible day filming we had. I think posting things like this on my social media platform is really successful, it helps to humanise me and become more relatable to follows. This post got over 70 likes and so I am really happy with the level of attention on this post. I also got a variety of different comments that have made me feel even more inspired to keep posting on all of my social media sites.

 For me, a big part of creating is to feel inspired, and to let creativity seep into every element of your life. To me, this is letting myself be creative in my room. I created a wall on my favourite Vogue covers, and decided to share this onto my social media platform. This post was also successful, receiving over 40 likes and a comment.

Finally I posted a photo of me on the way to my fellow creators to film a short film. This post got 100 likes and a variety of different comments. I really enjoy posting things other that my college work on my social media platforms. It has been a really eyeopening experience to meet and talk to other creators in a similar situation to myself.


On Instagram I have also received some personal messages. They are mostly advertising a creators work. It has been great to discover some creators the I now am following.



Twitter was definitely less successful that Instagram, and I didn’t enjoy posting on it as much. I think that this is because it didn’t give me the creative freedom that I was craving to share my work. With the 140 character limit, I really struggled to get my work out to a large variety of people. I will be continuing to use this social media platform to share my work, as I have gained followers and I want to reach as manny people as possible, although Instagram has been a lot more successful. I currently have 86 followers


I am really shocked by the unbelievable variety of Dm’s I have received on Twitter. Despite not receiving the level of feedback that I was trying to, I did find and discover a variety of different Filmmakers and creators on this platform. These messages are full of individuals advertising there own work. I have tried to read and respond to as many as possible, and I will continue to do this.


Overall, having these two film social media accounts has helped me to grow and develop. I have not only learnt how to advertise and portray myself in a professional way, I have grown as a person. I have been able to experiment with different hashtags, finding out which ones work for me and which ones don’t. I have also learn and discovered a variety of different media creators that I wouldn’t have otherwise. I have seen peoples films from all over the world, and become more educated about different film festivals, and even in film genres such as Horror, a genre I would have never considered watching  previously.