In this blog post I will be looking back on all of my week 3 work. I will be checking my social media site for any feedback from the week. I hope that this blog post will help me to improve myself as a creator, and understand what my audience would like to see more of. It will be interesting to see if I have gained any new feedback from my social media sites.



I got the most feedback on Instagram. I posted the whole audio clip, so listeners didn’t have to click on links and make any effort to get to my work. I want as much feedback as possible, and so making my work easily accessible makes it so that the audience has to make as little effort as possible.

I used lots of hashtags, and I think that this has really helped me to reach a larger target audience. I managed to get 19 views and 4 comments. Although the comments didn’t have a lot of criticisms and helpful feedback, this is a start. I plan to use even most hashtags specific to next weeks task to help me to reach a wider audience.



My twitter post this week received twi retweets and 7 likes. I am really happy with this level of feedback, as it is a lot compared what I have been receiving on twitter so far. I am going to work on following a larger variety of creators and filmmakers to try to reach a wider audience.