In this blog post I will be looking back on all of my week 2 work. I reflecting on my own work, as well as collecting peer reviews, and checking my social media site for any feedback from the week. I hope that this blog post will help me to improve myself as a creator, and understand what my audience would like to see more of. It was also be interesting to see and find out how successful my advertising is for each film on each social media. Throughout each week I will try to gain more and more feedback from my social media accounts, and discuss and evaluate this feedback to the best of my ability.


Overall I have found this week really informative and interesting. I have set up social media accounts, a Twitter and an Instagram. I am really hoping that these two social media accounts will help me to gain more feedback from a wider target audience. It could even lead to other incredible opportunities such as work experience, or advice from creators that I admire. Social media is truly a vital source of advertising that I am really excited to start using.

This week has been really informative, I am beginning to learn and understand that having problems can actually be really positive attribute, as it is and will continue to help me to learn and grow.

I have also developed my know of screen motion and camera direction, and different equipment that can help me to improve the quality of my shots.

It was amazing to learn about Akira Kurosawa, as he is an individual who really inspires me personally. The way he makes sure every single shot is visually interesting and exciting really motivates me as a creator.

Feedback and peer reviews:

Like I said before, I was able to set up two different social media sites. I decided overall on Twitter and Instagram. This way I can share different still shots, videos and comments. I am really looking forward to this experience, and hope to start receiving feedback.


I decided to post the overall finished outcome of the ‘Maintaining Screen Direction’ project. Currently the post has 22 views. Although it has not got any comments, I am really happy with the views that the video has had. I think that, next time, I will try to use slightly different hashtags that relate closely to what the video is about. This way I will be advertising my product to those who are really interested in it.




I also decided to share the overall finished outcome of the ‘Maintaining Screen Direction’ project. The post currently has 7 likes. I am a little disappointed that I don’t have any retweet or comments as of the moment. I struggled to decide what hashtags I was going to use, because of the 140 character limit, you are limited when it comes to the amount of hashtags that you can add. Next time I will try slightly different hashtags to see if this will help to improve the feedback I am receiving.


One thing I have been really happy and also slightly surprised abbots are ‘direct messages.’ I have actually received two personal messages from creators. They are both advertising their own work. I am really enjoying discovering new creators and joining them on their journey: