Unit 2:

For this weeks unit 2 blog we had to research something about editing. I decided to research scenes in Films and TV shows that are famous for their use of editing. I found this blog post really fun to complete, as I watch a lot of TV and Film, and so getting to go back to watch and review some of my favourite shows was really nostalgic and informative. It was also great to be able to interview someone else who doesn’t want to go into film about their opinion on whether a certain bit of editing was effective for them or not. I think I will try to get more feedback like this in the future.


Unit 3:

For my unit 3 blog post this week was about ‘working practises’.  IT was really informative to learn about different ways to get into the media, as before I had no of the variety of different paths you could take to stay in the industry that I love.

On another note, it was also really amazing to able to write about what I as an individual plan to do in the future. Because I hope that this course will help me to decided what I want to specialise in in the Film industry,  I found it hard to set a specific path for myself. But it was really good to be able to start thinking about my future path after this course has come to an end.


Unit 4:

the last blog post for this week was about representation. Before doing this blog post I have not heard of an ‘archetype’ before. It was really interesting to understand the difference between a stereotype and a archetype, as well as where stereotypes and countertypes are used in the industry.


Peer review:


Really informative posts Katie.

Unit 2: I really liked your approach to this research was Katie. I can tell that you have done a lot of research into Films and TV shows that have used editing effectively. It was really good that you also got feedback from some else. I thin you should maybe consider doing this more in the future

Unit 3: Another great post. I like the way you uses pictures to convey the message of each type of job. Defiantly continue to use this technique in the future.

Unit 4: This was probably my favourite blog post fro this week Katie. It was interesting to see that you used a kids TV show to show how stereotypes and archetypes are used all the way through life. I also like the fact you used the same TV show for both, to show how stereotypes and countertops can be present in the same place, and to show how common they are.