Unit 1:

This week for Unit 1 we had a lot of time to experiment and do practical work within groups. I absolutely love to have the creative freedom to start completely from scratch and develop something into something completely new. It felt like such an amazing task to be able to create our own lighting to what we felt was the most effective. It was really informative to try out different types of light, as well as putting the 3 point rule back into practise.

I did find it really challenging at first to learn about the different uses of a clapper board. Beforehand I was not at all sure about why the clapper board was actually present. I have learnt why the clapper board is so important and how to use it in different situations.


Unit 2:

This week, like last week, we were continuing to work on and improve the research task that we started last week. Just like last week I found this to be a really eyeopening experience, as I never really understood how important research was when making a short film or production at all. I now realised that research is arguably the most important element of producing something creative.


Peer Feedback:

Zoe: I really liked this weeks blogs, Katie, really good work.

Unit 1: I really like the creative use of lighting in this blog post, and I too agree that a huge part of this course is being able to experiment and be creative. I also like the way you have documented what you did o create the lighting, and then if you thought it was effective and why.

Unit 2: You have clearly shown an understanding of the skills and effort that it takes research for a scene, and that research makes up such a huge portion of the overall project. I like how you have gone through and written your initial observations for each section, using this as a sort of research plan. Really good work.