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This weeks research task is focused on Editing. Editing is an extremely important part of creating a Film or TV show. You can create so many different atmospheres using the same clips but editing them differently.

For this research project I have decided to look at some scenes famous for there use of editing, and discuss how this is effective and why it works so well in the scene. I will also talk about the atmosphere that this creates in the scene.

I would also like to find clips from both Films and Tv shows. I feel as though this will allow me a wider spectrum to choose from. Also I am studying ‘Film  and TV’, and so I would like to have a knowledge and understanding of editing in both Film and TV.

Primary Research:

For this weeks Primary Research I will be watching the films I have chosen myself. I would like to see the whole Film over to understand how and why the editing is so effective. I would also like to talk to other people about if they thing the editing is affective and why they think this.

Secondary Research:

Talking about how the clips I had chosen are effective and why.


Lawrence of Arabia (David Lean 1962):

Movieclips (2012) ‘Lawrence of Arabia (1/8) Movie CLIP – A Funny Sense of Fun (1962) HD’

 The first clip I have chosen is probably my favourite. This clip is from the film Lawrence of Arabia (David Lean 1962). This is actually an extremely famous piece of editing that has inspired me a lot. As you can see, the scene changes as the match is blown out. This is extremely effective as this quick cut is completely unexpected for the audience. The match is blown out and the next scene flashes into action. This use of editing is also effective because the colour of the match replicates to colour of the incredible scene we are left with in the next scene.

I decided to also ask my mum whether or not she though this use of editing was effective or not. She said that she really loved this clip, as the quick change of scene between blowing out the match and the amazing scenery of the next shot completely contrasts with the previous shot, but the transition is so smooth that it really blends well together. I found it really interesting to get a second opinion on this use of editing, as Lean would have been trying to cater for a target audience to a wide variety of ages.


2001 A Space Odyssey (Stanley Kubrick 1968)

Boyd, J. (2010) ‘2001 A Space Odyssey – match cut’

The next editing moment I have decided to talk about is the famous match cut from 2001 A Space Odyssey (Stanley Kubrick 1968).  This clip shows a Match cut of a bone being thrown in the air. When the bone is in the air we see a match cut, where the bone is still in the air but it cuts to a different shot. The bone remains in the same place but the background of the sky changes slightly. This is really effective as it shows how the bone is moving in the air in one smooth cut.

In personal opinion, using the match cut here also helps the audience to understand that the bone is movie at some speed, it’s like we have to rush to try to catch up with the bone.

Doctor Who

Doctor Who (2014) ‘The Doctor And Rose Say Goodbye – Doomsday – Doctor Who – BBC’

 Like I said previously, I also want to focus on and look at effective editing in a TV show. One moment stood out to me straight away. I decided to go back and watch Doctor Who – Doomsday, to see this really effective use of editing. In the video above we see a hologram of The Doctor (David Tennant) and Rose Tyler (Billie Piper) saying goodbye for the final time. As an audience we are expecting The Doctor to finally admit his love for Rose by saying “Rose Tyler,  I love you” but instead The Doctors hologram fades from the scene and he only gets to say “Rose Tyler-“. The use of editing here creates and extremely emotional scene that is remembered as one of the saddest moments in Doctor Who as a TV show.

The use of editing to fade The Doctor from a scene is really important, as it is completely going against what the audience first thought was going to happen. It is also really important to realise how long the audience has been waiting for this moment. The audience is unlikely to expect that this moment will infact never occur.

I really like how, by fading out the Doctor in the middle of a sentence, we are left completely on edge, triggering a very emotional response from the audience.


Grease (Randal Kleiser 1978)

profbaratinha (2013) ‘Grease – Greased Lightning [1080p] [Lyrics]’

 The final clip I will be talking about today. is the Match cut from the Movie Grease, where Danny and his friends are singing ‘Grease lighting’.  At the end of the song they are all posing around the expensive car they are all imagining. The next shot is a match cut showing all of them in exactly the same position around the car that they actually own. This use of editing is really effective, as the clips completely match when the shot changes. This use of editing is also a great way to show the difference between the imagination and reality. The quick shot change shows how Danny and his friends are forced back to the harsh reality that their car is nowhere near what they are dreaming of.

This is probably my favourite use of editing, as I love the way it shows the difference between a dream and the real world through one simple cut.



Overall I found it really informative to complete this research project. It has helped me to further understand how editing can trigger an emotional response from the audience, as well as looking visually stunning.


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