Unit 1:

Overall I really enjoyed the practical task for this week. I found it hard at first, as this is the very first time I have thought fully about things such as ‘the 180 degree rule.’ I find it really interesting each week that there is so much left to discover when it comes to film. My passion seems to be growing so much every single day, and the practical tasks really help me to refine and improve my skills.

Unit 2:

The Research project was also really informative the week. It was great to find out that so many movies that I have already seen contain incredible attention to detail when it comes to creating a more aesthetically please scene by using different types of shot. The hardest part of the task was probably trying to work out which Films and Tv shows to pick to analyse. There was much out there to choose from. Overall I tried to pick one that was famous for its incredible cinematography, as well as some that may not be.

Unit 3:

I actually found this blog quite challenging to create. This is because I have never actually studied Auteur Theory before. I had to do a lot of research to gain a full understanding of the subject but, through a lot of research, I now completely understand Auteur theory. It was really amazing to think about the amount of Auteur Directors out there. I decided to study Tim Burton as an Auteur director. I think this was the best decision I could have made as I am a huge fan of his work, and so I already knew about his style and quirks in quite a lot of depth.

Unit 4:

The final blog for this week was all about narrative. This was one of my favourite blogs to create this week. I enjoyed studying all of the different types of narrative used when storytelling. I also enjoyed learning about different narrative techniques, as now I know many different ways to tell my story to keep my audience informed and entertained. Finally, making my own short story to show ‘Todorovs’ Theory’ was really successful. I chose to write the story as if its was a short story, to really try and emphasise each different stage of Todorovs’ theory in the highest amount of detail possible, which is thought was a really good idea.