FOLEY-865x505.jpgHibbart, M. (2015) ‘Recording Foley and Sound Effects: The Fundementals’

In this research project I have decided to find out what Foley is and films famous for their use of Foley. If I am being completely honest I am slightly apprehensive about taking on this research project as I have never learnt anything about sound and audio before this week. Then again, I am really looking forward to learning something completely new that will really help me to improve my skills when it comes to making films.

Research Plan:

what am I going to research?

  • what is Foley sound?
  • why is sound Foley so important?
  • Films famous for their use in Foley.

How am I going to research this?


  • I am going to watch at least one film that is famous for its use of Foley and analyse how it was affective, and how it changed the atmosphere of the movie.
  • I am also going to try and practise recording Foley sound, and talk about my experience with creating that.



  • I will be researching what Foley is.
  • I will be researching what films are famous for their use of Foley.


Useful links to look back on ( All Harvard Referencing is at the bottom of this blog ):


My Project:


What is Foley Sound?

Foley effects are basically sound effects added to film during post production, so after the filming has finished. They are created by Foley Engineers and Foley Designers ( sometimes the same person ) to add over the top of a scene. Here are some examples of the types of things that a Foley Engineer and Foley DEsigner may be asked to create:

  • footsteps
  • Rain
  • breathing
  • thunder
  • punches
  • doors opening
  • creaking
  • cutting
  • glass smashing

Foley is usually performed by ‘Foley Artists’, sometimes the film is played in complete silence and they match up their movements to the person, so they are creating the same sounds at the same time.

Foley Artists don’t always use what they are trying to create to create the sound. For example, if you wanted to create the sound of cutting up a piece of fish, you wouldn’t use a fish for this, as it wouldn’t create the most effective noise. Instead you could use a rock to create the sound of scraping.


Putting this into practise:

I decided that I would put these ideas into practise, as I feel it would really benefit my understanding of what it is like to try to accurately recreate sound. I found this experience really interesting as it allowed me to begin to understand the level of detail you need to go into when trying to create the most effective sound for the scene. Here is a link of the sounds I tried to create:

I discuss these sounds more in depth in my blog ‘Week 3: Unit 1- Introduction to audio.’


A film famous for its use of Foley:

The movie that first came to mind when thinking about Foley is Harry Potter. Harry Potter has incredible sound throughout, especially Foley. Ed Colyer is well known for his work in the sound department through Harry Potter.

In my opinion, the best scene that represents this is from ‘Harry Potter and The Prisoner Of Azkaban’ (Alfonso Cuarón 2004) in the scene when Hermione take Harry back in time. Here is the scene:

If we take simply the first few moments of the scene we can see so many different sounds that have been created with the use of Foley:

•Dumbledores Footsteps

•Dumbledores Robes dragging along the floor

•the distant dipping of water

•the door creaking

•the sound of the clock chiming

•Hermione slapping Harry’s hand away

Just in a few seconds the scene is completely lifted and made into an incredible film filled with depth and volume. The layering of different sounds make the scene more realistic, as in reality you wouldn’t only hear the characters voice, you would also be able to hear what is going on around them. Foley gives you the ability to create and control what you hear throughout the scene.

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