Unit 1: 

I found this task extremely interesting. I was able to learn about Foley sound and how to create it successfully. I was able to learn about different types of pickup pattern and put this into practise to help understand the huge effects of changing them. I love doing the practical task as it allows me to understand what we have learned more fully. Unfortunately some of the foley sound clips I tried to create were not completely successful, but I have now realised what I could do better to improve in the future, and this has really helped to build confidence in myself as a creator.


Unit 2:

Overall I found the research task this week really interesting. It was great learn all about Foley. Originally I was really apprehensive about the task as I didn’t totally understand the concept of Foley, and why it is so important, but now this has totally changed. When analysing the movie clip I I feel like I had began to understand that there are so many different levels of sounds that make up the overall audio. I found it quite challenging to pick out individual sounds at first, but after listening to the clip twice I had easily picked out many different types of Foley Sound.


Unit 3:

Unit 3 was probably my favorite task of the week as it opened my eyes to something that I hadn’t considered before. This Is the different types of role you can have within sound. It was really interesting and challenging to learn the difference between a Foley Engineer and Sound Engineer. It was also really refreshing to start to look at some university and college courses that you can take when wanting to go into sound. I liked finding out the variety of different courses out there, and how they will each teach you differently.


Unit 4:

Looking back, this blog post was one of the more challenging ones of the week. This is because I, at first, found it tricky to analyse a scene for mise-en-scene but, after a little practise, I quickly got the hang of it. It was really informative to learn about mise-en-scene, and how just a tiny change in  scene, for example a change in prop or gesture, can change the whole atmosphere of said scene.