Unit 1:

The practical task this week was all about lighting. I found this was very challenging, as it was hard to find the perfect place to create the most effective lighting. But after doing the practical task, like I discussed in the blog, I have learnt a lot about how I can improve the lighting of each clip. I also think that it was really useful to find out more and test out each of the different lighting setting on the camera.

Unit 2:

I found the research was really enjoyable this week. It as really interesting to find out more about the different types of lighting used in ‘Film Noir’. I am glad I decided to further my knowledge in Film Noir, as it has been a genre I have not watched many films from before now.

Unit 3:

I learnt a lot in this unit. I learnt a lot about how university is a great way to ‘improve your own luck’. I did find it quite challenging to understand fully the difference between an internship and an apprenticeship, but I now understand the difference fully.

Unit 4:

The final post for this week was all about Genre. I found this post quite easy to understanding didn’t struggle too much with anything in particular. It was really informative to learn about ‘Genre Expectations’ though, as I never realised how they are to have for both consumer and creator.