Unit 1:

The first task that we had to complete was really exciting. We learned all about Framing and Composition, and had lots of time to do practical tasks using the cameras. It took me a bit of time to get used to the cameras we used at the college, as I have a different one at home, but I think I all of my shots came out really well. I enjoyed learning how to work a new camera, as it is something that I may have to get sued to if I decide I want to be a Camera Operator or possibly even a Cinematographer in the future.

Unit 2:

In this unit we were taught how to make an affective research plan. I found this lecture extremely helpful, and I definitely think that I will use the skills I have learnt today in the weeks to come. I also think it was helpful to be able to create an example of a research plan, as it confirmed that I feel confident in creating a research plan myself.

Unit 3:

I really enjoyed the lecture on how to become a director. I did at first struggle to understand how luck plays a part in becoming a director, but now I understand that luck actually does play a huge part in becoming a director, or anything in the film industry.

Unit 4:

The final unit for this week was learning about Semiology. Reflecting back, I now understand how important semiology is, and how it can completely change the mood of a scene with the use of a prop or a piece of clothing. It has shown me that I have to pay a huge amount of attention to what I put in each scene, and what it gives to my audience to decode.