Cinema. vintage photo of movie clapper on woodtheartcareerproject (2014) ‘How To Become a Film Director’

In the lecture today we learned all about directors. From what they are all the way to how you become one. I found this lecture to be very interesting, and I found it fascinating to learn about all of the different skills and traits you need to become a director.

What does a director do?

  • Often called the ‘visionary.’
  • They direct absolutely everything, for example: actors, sound, editing, lighting and camera.
  • Directors and producers are very different but traditionally they are equal.


What does a producer do?

  • They produce everything before the action.
  • They make sure there are actors to act.
  • They insure that there is a set.
  • They make sure the actors with have food and water, and that there are actors toilets


What do you need to become a director?

One of the conversations we had as a group was what do you actually need to become a director? We came up with a huge array of different traits and things you would need to become a successful director:

  • determination
  • skills
  • leadership
  • consistency
  • patience
  • professional
  • passion
  • vision
  • perfectionism
  • leadership
  • determination
  • creativity
  • money
  • contacts
  • luck

As a group we discussed the topic of ‘luck’ a great deal. Unfortunately to become a director you do need luck. It is luck if you so happen to be well off enough to be able to afford equipment. It is luck if you so happen to have friends that would be happy to act in a scene for you for free. Everything comes down to money and contacts, and where you can get your resources from. Clearly there are other things you need, for example passion and drive, but money and luck are also important factors.


Developing skills to become a director:

  • Make films
  • Watch films
  • Go to university

University will help to develop you skills even further, gives you connection and improves your chance of luck.


Tim Burton

For the final part of this task we had to pick a famous director and find out how they became a director and what they did first. I decided to pick Tim Bruton. Tim Burton has been a huge part of my childhood. I remember watching so many of his movies with my Mum and Nan, and I continue to watch them every year.

Tim Burton went to the California Institute of the Arts. in 1979 he got to work for Disney doing animation, but he really disliked this as it bored him. But it was noticed that his talent was not being used to it’s full potential so he was in a way let loose. This didn’t work either, as Burton’s sketches didn’t fit with what Disney wanted to see in their films.This is when he began on his own projects including: ‘Vincent’ (1982) and ‘The Nightmare Before Christmas’ (1993.)

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