My Mood Board

Task 1: Mood board – What makes me who I am?

The first task that we had to complete was to create mood board representing ‘what it means to be me.’ I really enjoyed this task as it gave me the creative freedom to express myself completely in my own way. I have included many different types of images in my mood board. One of the images that stands out most to me personally is the
picture of the girl in the flowers. This picture represents how I feel like an individual in society that wants to break free and be creative without boundaries. Sometimes I feel like society just wants us all to act the same way, and be robots in their world of money hungry beings. But I feel like I want to be able to blossom as a creator. I want to be able to stretch to my full potential.

Another one of my favourite images from my mood board is the television with ‘Walt Disney’ inside it. This image represents my inner child. Disney is something that I would watch literally everyday when I was younger. Now I am older I never seem to have to time to sit down and just watch a classic Disney movie. This image represents how we all have an inner child, and we have to watch how much we show it to others and how often we let it free.

There is a fine line between liking something and having something that makes you who you are. This is why, to some people, having an image of Tyler Oakley on my mood board may seem confusing. Although it is true that I really like Tyler, that is not the reason this image is present on my mood board. Tyler is there to represent the LGBTQ+ community, and what can be done when you have some sort of platform to talk from. I think this represents me as I have very strong feelings regarding the LGBTQ+ community. Everyone deserves the right to be equal, regardless of sexuality, gender, religion and where you come from. Also, I think this image makes me who I am because I have always felt a need to try and inspire. It is a part of me that has, I think, defined who I am. I have a youtube channel that (as of right now) has nearly 1000 subscribers, and the thought of being able to connect with and support and talk to all of these people has been something I have always wanted and aspired to do. There is just something in me that wants to talk and inspire and make people laugh.

Finally, I decided to use a picture of one of my favourite quotes; ‘creativity is the ability to make or think or see or hear something that did not exist before.’ I decided to use this particular quote as I feel it sums up my mind-set and my passion. Creativity is what keeps me going. Even when everything around me isn’t going great, I can focus of my energy on something creativity. The feeling of creating something completely new is inspiring, and something I never want to stop doing.


Task 2: A movie scene that has impacted me.

Land Before Time (Don Bluth 1988)

The Scene I have picked is from an animated movie called “The Land Before Time.” I watched this movie a lot when I was younger and I always remember how much this scene would stick with me throughout the movie.

In the scene before this one the mother of Littlefoot, the main dinosaur in the movie, saves Littlefoot and his friend from a Sharptooth, which is another dinosaur, but in the process they get separated and the mother dies in a really emotional and powerful scene.

Although this scene was really moving, the scene I actually decided to pick was the one after that, where Littlefoot finds another dinosaur and talks to him about what happened.

Although I didn’t fully realise this when I was younger, this scene tackles grief in a way that children can understand. Watching it now I can see that it actually shows some of the different stages of grief like anger, bargaining, depression and acceptance. I feel like this scene was actually in some ways more powerful than the death of the mother figure, as it shows something I think a lot of people can relate to.

I honestly think everything about this scene is perfect, from the amazing 80’s animation, to the music, to the incredible script that tackles grief in such a delicate way.

Frej, F. (2013) ‘Great and sad scene – The land before time’


Task 3: Who am I? A one minute video describing who I am.

Filming the ‘Who Am I’ video was a really interesting experience. Because I have a YouTube channel, I am used to filming in one long take and editing the vast majority out. Making a video without any cuts or editing I found to be quite difficult, but now I have done it once, I would be interested in doing it again.

I feel like the video I made came out how I wanted it to because I wanted to represent and show that I am not defined by how I look. I am not defined by how I move my hands a lot when I talk. How I see the world and how I share my passion is what defines me.

I found a suitable location to film, there weren’t many people around and there was an incredible contrast between the sharp edges of the towering buildings and the subtle, baby blue sky. By doing this I was trying to represent the harsh reality of life and society compared with what I want to define myself as. As a species humans are obsessed with routine and order. Everything has to be ‘inside the lines.’ But as an individual I want to step out of the lines and explore. I want to be able to let my creativity blossom. This is why I decided to pan down to my feet at the end, showing that these ideas are in my head are what I wish for, and that I have not yet accomplished everything I have set out to do to make me me yet.


Task 4: Mood Board – My Family

As I said in the ‘Who Am I?” video: my family make me who I am. They have shaped my opinions and my personality and I couldn’t be more thankful. Every single picture in this mood board means something incredible important to me.

One example of a picture that means a lot to me is the picture of my grandad with my cousin. This picture is extremely important as unfortunately my Grandadscreen-shot-2016-09-22-at-12-32-47 passed away before I was born, and so having pictures like these show that even though some family may not be present any more, they are still a really really important part of me and my life.

Another one of the most significant photos on this mood board is the picture of me and my friends when we were in Italy. To me personally, my friends are part my family and so going to Italy with my school was one of the best experiences of my life: we had so much freedom to just explore and find out even more about the country and ourselves as people. My friends and I have become even closer due to the Italy trip and have formed memories that will never forget.

I really enjoyed this task as it gave me a chance to show how important my family are and how much they mean to me. I’m so thankful to have people around me that have been able to help me in the journey to pursue my passion to go into film and television. They always encourage me to follow my dreams and this mood board shows all of the positive things that we’ve been through together as a family.

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